The SAP2100 system represents the next generation of production equipment. It is qualified for any kind of on-board programming in high volume production.


SAP2000 is a cost effective and modular Semi-Automated Programming System for single or tandem applications. SAP2000 is based on MSP2000NET technology, supports high-speed programming for Microcontroller, high density NOR/NAND Flash memory and CPLD Applications. Includes ergonomic workbench, 19'' rack with fully integrated power distribution control unit to support all programmers and fixture.


Portable Multi Standard Programmer - MSP2100-Portable


Multi Standard Programmer - MSP2100NET High Performance Modular Production In-Line Programming System for Very High Speed Multiple Port Parallel Programming


MSP2000NET is a dual-channel system based on a modular concept designed primarily for In-Line-Programming Systems. This concept allows for various options like galvanic isolation, dual-target interface, high-speed interface (e.g. 100MHz-JTAG), CAN, Flex-Ray, customized add-ons, etc. MSP2000NET can be housed it in a single desktop enclosure or plugged in a 19" Rack.


The SAP1010 is a cost-effective, semi-automated programming system for single board applications that is optimized for small-to-medium production volumes. Rapid changeover is achieved by the use of mounting brackets for precising the application specific fixture.


The SAP1020 is a cost-effective, semi-automated programming system for dual board applications or two MCUs on one PCB connected to channel A/B of the programmer. Rapid changeover is achieved by the use of mounting brackets for precising the application specific fixture.


ICTP2000 is a fully automated Flash/IC-Test Station for standalone use or integrated in the production environment. Combine In-Circuit Test, Flashing and Functional Test in one small footprint system, either integrated in your production line of off-line in a test-flash cell.


Modular power supply unit with up to 24 independent channels One PSU2000-6 module drives 6 channels Four PSU2000-6 modules can be installed inparallel in 19''rack to support panels up to 24PCBs Voltage range 10 -14 Volt 2A peak current 150 Watts output power Independent control of each channel Controllable via Ethernet Programmable inrush current limit and inrush current timer Individually programmable over-current limit Load current monitoring, reads current continuously or periodically Overload-/ overvoltage protection Short-circuit / no-load protection


MSP1000NET is an advanced programmer hardware based on fast Ethernet (10/100Mbit/s) communication to the host PC. The MSP1000NET programmer supports multiple target interfaces (BDM, SPI, SCI, I2C, etc.) as well as high speed communication and thereby significantly reducing the overall device programming times.